Terms and conditions




Customer means the natural person, at least 18 years old and having legal capacity or who has the agreement of their legal representative, or the legal person, and who creates an account and / or places one or more orders,
Account means the Customer’s personal account accessible from the Website and from which the Customer can place and / or follow his Order,
Ordered means the purchase of products by the Customer from the Website by any remote means to which a trial offer, a Bonus or a gift may be associated,
Contract means these general conditions of sale subscribed to on the Website by any remote means,
Personal data : designate the Customer’s personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Regulations,
Health Wellness Labs designates the company Health Wellness Labs,1 Bracken Business Park,Bracken Road, Unit 1A,D18 H283 Stillorgan Business Park, Dublin – Ireland
Force Majeure: Health Wellness Labs may not be held liable if the performance of one of its obligations is prevented or delayed due to a force majeure event, and, in particular, for natural disasters, fires, a dysfunction or interruption in the telecommunications or the electricity network.
Identifiers designate the personal and confidential identifiers and passwords allowing the Customer to access his Account,
Part(s) means (s) individually Health Wellness Labs or the Customer and collectively Health Wellness Labs and the Customer,
Trial or Premium offer means the good which can, if necessary, be free of charge for the trial offer to the Customer in return for his subscription to the acquisition of a Product and / or a Subscription and for the bonus or gift be delivered at the same time as the Product (s),
Product means the food supplements marketed by Health Wellness Labs,
Personal Data Regulations means Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms, as amended by Law No. 2018-493 of June 20, 2018 taken pursuant to Community Regulation of April 27, 2016 published in the Official Journal of the European Union on May 4, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data,
Website means the website published by Health Wellness Labs and accessible in particular at the following URL address: https://www.annabiol.com,


The Contract defines the rights and obligations between Health Wellness Labs and the Customer in the context of Orders placed on the Website . As such, the ordering, like the delivery of the products offered there, are subject to compliance with the Contract and the confidentiality policy available here. The Customer can download, save or print on a durable medium, these general conditions of sale made available to him. Health Wellness Labs reserves the right to change the Website and the Contract at any time, or to supplement it with new additional conditions applicable to Orders placed afterwards.


3.1. Nature of products

Health Wellness Labs presents the essential characteristics of its Products on the Website and invites the Customer to read them carefully. However, if errors or omissions may have occurred with regard to this presentation, Health Wellness Labs undertakes to modify the presentation of the Product as soon as possible and to notify the Customers having placed the Order. It is understood that the photographs of the Products may be non-contractual. The Products presented on the Website are not drugs but food supplements.

3.2. Product information

In accordance with the regulations, on the Product labeling is indicated:

  • the name of the categories of nutrients or substances characterizing the Product or an indication relating to the nature of these nutrients or substances,
  • the list of ingredients and their quantities,
  • the quantity net of the Product,
  • the date of minimum durability or the expiry date,
  • the name or business name and address of the manufacturer,
  • the indication of the batch,
  • the instructions for use,
  • the daily portion of Product whose consumption is recommended,
  • a warning against exceeding the indicated daily dose,
  • a statement to avoid products being used as a substitute for a varied diet,
  • a warning that the Products should be kept out of the reach of young children.

The Products sold on the Website are not sold to diagnose, prevent, or treat illnesses. If the Customer suffers from an illness, he must consult a doctor before taking a Product.

Pregnant and lactating women, children under 18 and people under medical treatment should generally refrain from consuming food supplements, including Products, except on the advice of their therapist.


The Order is only definitively registered after acceptance of the general conditions of sale, validation by the Customer of his payment agreement and acceptance by the bank of the transaction. Health Wellness Labs declines any responsibility in the event of non validation of the Order, without possible recourse on behalf of the Customer. As soon as his Order is registered, the Customer receives a confirmation email mentioning the link for consulting the essential elements of his Order. This confirmation may appear randomly among the spam, regardless of the will of Health Wellness Labs. All of the data provided by the Customer during the Order process and the recorded confirmation of this Order constitute proof of the transaction.


5.1. Delivery address

The delivery of the Products and, if applicable, of the trial offer, the Premium and / or gift, is made to the address indicated by the Customer during the process of placing the Order.

5.2. Delivery time

The average shipping time is three (3) days and corresponds to the processing time of the order by Health Wellness Labs. The delivery times are indicative and represent the delivery time by the transporter, i.e. on average three (3) days for delivery to the Customer. Orders placed on Fridays and weekends, such as public holidays, are processed and dispatched on the first working day that follows. If after an Order, a Product such as the trial offer, a Premium and / or gift ordered (s) turns out to be unavailable, Health Wellness Labs informs the Customer as soon as possible by sending an email to the address indicated in their Account. Health Wellness Labs reserves the right to deliver a Premium or a gift of equivalent quality and price,

5.3. Delivery rates

Contribution to shipping costs as standard offer: € 7.00.

5.4. Delivery – Reservations

The Customer is required to check the condition and number of the Product (s), as well as the trial offer, Premium and / or Gift, if applicable, at the time of delivery. In the absence of a reservation or complaint concerning apparent defects or non-conformity of the Products and / or the trial offer, of the Premium / Gift delivered, expressly issued and formulated by the Customer, within three ( 3) days at the latest from delivery, the Products and, where applicable, the Premium and / or Gift will be deemed to comply in quantity and quality with the Order. The Customer will attach to its reservations or complaints all supporting documents capable of justifying them. This notification must be made in priority to the carrier concerning the condition of the package containing the Order and in any event by email to the following address: contact@annabiol.com


6.1. Price

The prices of the Products indicated on the Website are in euros (€) all taxes included, VAT and any reductions in force, except in the case of participation in the shipping costs (postage, packaging and packaging of the package) including the lump sum is specified to the Customer on the Website and before validation of the Order as a supplement to the price of the Products. All Orders, whatever their origin, are payable in euros. Health Wellness Labs reserves the right to modify the price of the Products at any time, but the Products will be invoiced to the Customer on the basis of the prices in force at the time of the confirmation of the Order, subject to availability. The Products remain the property of Health Wellness Labs until full payment of the price by the Customer.

6.2. Payment

Products purchased on the Website can be paid for by bank card (SSL secure payment, bank cards bearing the initials Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard-Mastercard). The Customer will be asked to enter the number of his card, its expiry date and the CPV number, directly in the area provided for this purpose (secure entry by encryption). The debit of the bank card is made at the time of the Order. When the payment is accepted by the Customer’s banking establishment, Health Wellness Labs sends the Customer an email confirming that their Order has been taken into account. In the event of refusal of payment by the Customer’s banking establishment, the latter’s bank account is not debited. If necessary, Health Wellness Labs will send him an email directing him to update his bank details.


7.1. Description of the serenity offer which can be referred to under the name « program » or « formula »

The Serenity Offer is intended for Customers wishing to subscribe to automatically receive a quantity of Products for a period chosen by the Customer (one month, two months or four months) with a maximum of 12 months.

Serenity Formula – Intensive Program 4 Bottles every 4 months :

  • 4 Bottles for the price of £162.00, billed every 4 months. Your card will be charged every 4th month on the same day as the initial transaction. Offer without commitment, you can modify or cancel your program at any time by contacting customer service, either by email: contact@annabiol.com, or by telephone: +44 20 3769 2621.

Serenity Formula – Enhanced Program 2 bottles every 2 months:

  • 2 Bottles at the price of £116.00, billed every 2 months. Your card will be charged every 2nd month on the same day as the initial transaction. Offer without commitment, you can modify or cancel your program at any time by contacting customer service, either by email: contact@annabiol.com, or by telephone: +44 20 3769 2621.

Serenity Formula – Maintenance Program 1 bottle every month:

  • 1 bottle for £75.00, billed every month. Your card will be charged every 1 month on the same day as the initial transaction. Offer without commitment, you can modify or cancel your program at any time by contacting customer service, either by email: contact@annabiol.com, or by telephone: +44 20 3769 2621

The Serenity Trial offer, 28 days free, is limited to one per household while stock lasts. Unless canceled, it will be automatically renewed exactly 15 days from the date of the first order in the form of a monthly subscription of £75.00 corresponding to the Serenity Maintenance Formula. To benefit from the 28 days trial offer, the customer only needs to pay only £5.00, corresponding to 2 days of the program.

7.2. Termination of the Serenity offer

At any time, the Customer may terminate the Contract by contacting customer service by email at the following address: contact@annabiol.com or by telephone on +44 20 3769 2621.


8.1. Right to retract

No later than fourteen (14) days following receipt of the Products (and if applicable the trial offer, the Premium and / or the Gift) ordered by the Customer, or the last of the Products and / or the case the trial offer, the Premium in the event of delivery fragmented due to Health Wellness Labs, the Customer has the right to notify Health Wellness Labs of its desire to exercise its right of withdrawal without having to justify a reason, or to pay penalty. Products such as, if applicable, the trial offer, the Premium and / a gift must be returned intact, complete, with the seal closed (in the case of Products), in the original packaging and by a means guaranteeing their good transport and their safety. Products whose seal has been unsealed by the Customer after delivery can no longer, for reasons of hygiene and health protection, be returned and therefore make the Customer lose the benefit of this right. The burden of proof of the exercise of the right of withdrawal falls on the Customer. If he has chosen to send an email, the Customer will then receive an acknowledgment by email when his request is being processed. If he has chosen to exercise his right by post, Health Wellness Labs advises that he exercise this right by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Then, no later than fourteen (14) days after the day of his request, the Customer must return the Products, accompanied by the Premium and / or gift received, if any, to the following address for reimbursement:

Health Wellness Labs c/o D2
Z.A. de la Crau N°8
13670 Saint Andiol

The Customer will bear all the costs associated with the return of the Products and, where applicable, the trial offer, the Premium and / or Gift (with the exception of a defective Product upon receipt, or an error when sending the Product which would be attributable to Health Wellness Labs). The return of the Products ordered and / or where applicable of the trial offer, the Premium and / or gift will not give rise to the reimbursement of the initial shipping costs because the amount of the shipping costs is fixed. Health Wellness Labs will reimburse in full the Product (s) returned no later than fourteen (14) days following their physical receipt at the address indicated above. This reimbursement will use the same means of payment as that chosen by the Customer when placing the Order. Cash on delivery are not accepted.

8.2. Absolute guarantee

Health Wellness Labs offers the possibility to change its mind during fifteen (15) days. During this period, if the Customer is not completely satisfied with the Product(s) ordered, he/she has the possibility to return it/them to the postal address :

Health Wellness Labs c/o D2
Z.A. de la Crau N°8
13670 Saint Andiol

and obtain a refund of the sums paid for the returned Product(s), without having to provide any explanation. Only one refund request can be accepted, per Product and per Customer. It is specified that only unused closed Products are refunded. The shipping costs related to an Order in the Standard Offer and/or Trial Offer/prize/gift remain at the Customer’s expense. The Customer shall bear the cost of returning the Product(s) and shall under no circumstances be entitled to a subsequent refund. Refunds shall not apply in the event of improper use. The abusive nature of a use remains at the discretion of Health Wellness Labs.


9.1. Rights granted

All tangible or intangible assets covered by an intellectual property right logos, brands, drawings, models, etc. are the exclusive property of Health Wellness Labs or its suppliers. The reproduction or use of all or part of these elements is only authorized for the exclusive purposes of information for personal and private use, under the conditions defined in this article. Any reproduction or any use of copies made for other purposes is expressly prohibited. Any other use constitutes counterfeiting and sanctioned under the Intellectual Property Code, except with the prior written authorization of Health Wellness Labs. For the strict needs of the execution of the Contract, namely the use and access to the Website, to the exclusion of any other purpose, Health Wellness Labs grants the Customer a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-transferable right to use the Website, for the implementation of Orders, under the conditions and limits defined in this Contract and for the duration of the Contract. This license includes the right to access and use the Website with a view to its temporary reproduction and its representation on the Client’s computer or mobile terminal, and this for its sole use by the Client.

9.2. Restriction of use

Under the rights granted above, the Website can be used in accordance with its exclusive destination, in accordance with the terms of the Contract by the Customer, for personal needs only. The Client may in no case combine the Website with any other work, in particular software. The Customer also expressly prohibits itself directly or indirectly, including by any third party, by any means, from (or attempt to), without this list being exhaustive, modify, correct, adapt, translate, arrange, distribute, transfer, distribute, decompile, make a backup copy outside the conditions provided for in this Contract, grant a loan, rental, transfer or any other type of provision by any means, including via the Internet, distribute or market for free or for a fee, etc. the Website and, in general, to alter it in any way whatsoever, including proprietary notices (copyright).


The seller delivers goods that conform to the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery. He is also responsible for any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when this has been charged to him by the contract or has been carried out under his responsibility.

10.1. Definition

To comply with the Contract, the Product as, if applicable, the Trial Offer and / or the Premium must:

1 ° Be clean (s) for the use usually expected of a similar good and, if necessary correspond to the description given by the seller and have the qualities that the latter presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model and have the qualities that a customer can legitimately expect given the public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, particularly in advertising or labeling.

2 ° Or have the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the Parties or be suitable for any special use sought by the Customer, brought to the attention of the company Health Wellness Labs and which the latter has accepted. The Customer is entitled to demand conformity of the Product as, if applicable, the Trial Offer, the Premium and / or Gift, in particular to the Contract. He cannot however contest its conformity by invoking a defect which he knew or could not ignore when he placed the Order. Likewise, the Products and / or the trial offer, the Premium / Gift modified by the Customer or any other person not authorized by Health Wellness Labs are excluded from this guarantee. Finally, Health Wellness Labs is bound by the warranty due to hidden defects affecting the Products such as the trial offer, if applicable,

10.2. Implementation

The action resulting from the lack of conformity is prescribed by two (2) years from the delivery of the Product accompanied, where appropriate, by the Trial Offer, the Premium and / or Gift. The action resulting from hidden defects must be brought by the Customer within two (2) years from the date of the discovery of the hidden defect. In the event of delivery of a Product and / or the Trial Offer, a non-compliant Bonus / Gift or a Product and / or the Trial Offer, a Bonus / gift revealing a hidden defect, Health Wellness Labs undertakes either to reimburse the Customer for the price of the Product, or to exchange the Product and / or the Trial Offer, the Bonus / gift for another (s) identical in depending on available stocks, either to exchange for a Product and / or the Trial Offer, a Premium / Gift of equivalent quality and price depending on available stocks.

When the replacement of the Product and / or the Trial Offer, the Bonus / Gift is impossible, the Customer can return the Product and / or the Trial Offer, the Bonus / Gift and have the price returned or keep the Product and / or the Trial Offer, the Bonus / Gift and get part of the price.

The application of the provisions takes place at no cost to the Customer and does not prejudice in any way the implementation of a commercial guarantee possibly granted by Health Wellness Labs within the framework of the Contract.


Health Wellness Labs collects and processes, as the data controller, the Customer’s Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Regulations and under the conditions defined in its confidentiality policy accessible by clicking here.


For any information or question, Health Wellness customer service can be reached at the following coordinates: E-mail: contact@annabiol.com or by telephone on +44 20 3769 2621.


13.1. Force majeure

Delays or non-fulfillment of Orders resulting from a case of Force Majeure cannot give rise to compensation. The provisions of this article may not, however, in any case, exempt the Customer from the obligation to pay Health Wellness the sums which it should owe him in respect of Products already dispatched.

13.2. Connections

Hypertext links may refer to other websites than the Website https://www.annabiol.com. Health Wellness disclaims all liability in the event that the content of these websites does not contravene the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

13.3. Amicable resolution and mediation

In the event of a dispute likely to arise in connection with the Contract, its interpretation and its consequences, the Customer will approach Health Wellness in order to try to obtain an amicable solution. Any complaint to Health Wellness must be made in writing. In the absence of an amicable settlement between Health Wellness and the Customer, the Customer can choose:

  • to use an amicable mediation solution within a maximum period of one (1) year from the written complaint made by the Customer to Health Wellness.
  • the online dispute resolution system accessible by clicking here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage, it being specified that the mediation process proposed cannot be a prerequisite for entering the competent courts for the Client;
  • to bring their complaint before the competent English courts.

Failing this, the Client may have recourse to a mediator for any dissatisfaction after having previously addressed a written complaint to Health Wellness. For more information, you can also consult the website of the Consumer Mediation Assessment and Control Commission.

13.4. No waiver

The fact for one or the other of the Parties not to invoke any of the articles, clauses, stipulations or parts of the Contract cannot, in any way, be interpreted as a tacit renunciation to avail itself of this article, clause , stipulation or part of the Contract. Likewise, the fact that one of the Parties does not avail itself of the non-performance, poor performance or partial or late performance of any of the articles, clauses, stipulations or parts of the Contract by a another Party cannot, in any way, be interpreted as a tacit waiver to invoke it later.

13.5. Loyal and good faith behavior

Each Party undertakes to always behave towards the other Party as a loyal and bona fide partner and, in particular, to notify without delay to the other Party, any dispute or difficulty that may arise of performing the Contract.

13.6. Partial nullity

Any article, clause, stipulation, part of the Contract which is declared void, voidable or invalid, for any reason whatsoever, does not automatically invalidate the Contract which remains valid and enforceable, if and only if said cancellation (a) does not relate to a stipulation being considered, in the minds of the Parties, as substantial and decisive, and (b) does not call into question the general balance of the Contract. In this case, (a) the nullity of such a stipulation cannot affect the other stipulations nor affect the validity of the rest of the Contract and / or its legal effects and (b) the Parties will make their best efforts to negotiate a clause economically equivalent by meeting, on the initiative of the most diligent Party.

13.7. Title of articles

The titles of the articles have been chosen for convenience and should be considered as having no effect on their validity, their interpretation and / or the conditions of execution of their stipulations.

13.8. Applicable law – Competent courts

This Contract, in English, is subject to England law and the Courts competent to judge the nature, consequences and interpretation of the Contract are determined according to the laws of the consumer’s country of residence.



(Please complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the Contract.)

To the attention of :

Health Wellness c/o D2
Z.A. de la Crau N°8
13670 Saint Andiol

or at contact@annabiol.com

I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the Contract for the sale of the Products and / or Premium / gift below:
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